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A fascinating 3 day programme with interpretation in English, French and Portuguese to enable the AMP Partners to come together virtually to share technical updates, exchange ideas on key challenges and lessons learned.

I absolutely loved supporting the AMP team with their Annual Partner’s 3 day Meeting from 24-26th March 2021 who provide a forum devoted to fighting malaria through ITN (insecticide-treated nets) programme implementation.   Not only did I get to hear presentations and exchange of ideas from 150 international participants and speakers but it was a wonderful opportunity to use my French and support our francophone speakers.   As usual with busy 3 day programmes, mulitple participants, content in various languages from different sources, strong facilitation and coordination skills are essential.

We did have a few connectivity issues we needed to resolve with some of our speakers but by having a full team on the webinar, it meant I was able to step in to resolve issues quickly.  I really like to create a very calm and friendly atmosphere for all of the events I am involved in;  clear updates and communication with our audience and speakers are so important in easing any issues, offering reassurance and taking the ‘nerves’ out of virtual events.  It is so important to open the back stage green room and create a calm environment to ensure the meeting runs smoothly, allowing enough time for presentations and discussion.   There was wonderful engagement from the audience with excellent ‘behind the scenes’ moderation to ensure that as many attendees as possible could ask their questions and feel part of the discussion.

I really look forward to working with the AMP team in their upcoming meetings and workshops!  Un plaisir!