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I was the MYT Programme Lead for The Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition‘s 1st annual meeting.  The event convened nearly 100 major actors in the public health space, representing a wide range of countries and global health organizations.  The two-day event featured plenaries, panels, and breakout working groups which used interactive Miro boards.

The use of break-outs and interactive whiteboards were really effecive in meeting their aims to “Refocus the lense:  Identifying action together”.  Through sharing knowledge, research, tools and best practices required to achieve Malaria, NTD, polio, vaccine-preventable diseases, and Vitamin A targets in the COVID-19 era, the attendees were able to draw on perspectives of those who influence health campaign planning, implementation, and evaluation. Participants learning outcomes were to:

  • reimagine campaign effectiveness in the COVID-19 era
  • identify best practices that influence positive systematic change and evidence gaps
  • contribute to a Coalition-wide Call to Action

Attendees included representatives of coordinating bodies, funding organizations, national governments and implementing organizations, in addition to campaign managers, subject-matter experts, researchers, and analysts. 

It was great to be part of this event and see the enthusiasm and output that came from the break-out sessions – the key findings and actions were shared consistently throughout with a really positive atmosphere of engagement and focus in the closing session.  It was a pleasure to work with The Taskforce for Global Health team to deliver this event.