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It was so exciting to be back in Geneva to support the IAPB with a high-level launch event incuding a technical briefing from the WHO on its new Guide for Action, key note speeches and panel discussion! 

This 75th World Health Assembly side event “Universal Health Coverage and Eye Care:  Promoting Country Action can be viewed via the IAPB NGO YouTube Channel and focused on:

“How do we reach over a billion people who have a vision impairment but do not have access to eye health services?  This high-level launch event, featuring keynote addresses from government officials; a technical briefing from the WHO on its new Guide for Action; and a panel discussion showcasing country progress, will seek to answer this question. Ensuring everyone has access to affordable, quality eye health services is a challenge which can be solved in the next decade with huge benefits for the global economy, productivity, gender equity, inclusion, and education. ”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, addressed those in attendance “WHO will continue to support these efforts with our new Eye Care Guide for Action, while also working to gather better data that will help accelerate progress. We are grateful to all our partners for your ongoing collaboration, as we strive for a world where every person has the opportunity to seeclearly.”  Dr Tedros’ speech can be viewed by clicking on the below video.

As usual I opened with our housekeeping, again aiming to engage both virtual and in person attendees and supported our VIP speakers and Chair Jennifer Gersbeck from The Fred Hollows Foundation with the virtual and in person Q&A and engagement.  I was on hand throughout the breakfast reception and briefing and it was fantastic to use my French skills with the venue and local AV team as hybrid events add an extra layer of complexity.