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I re-accredited at Level 2 as a facilitator with The Association of Facilitators in October 2022 as part of my continuing professional development (CPD).  All of our training and learning days take place at Highfield Park and I always like to take the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the grounds to reflect on my practice and how I would like to develop and use my skills in the coming year.

In order to move from Level 1 to Level 2, I evidenced my experience through updating my portfolio and was amazed to realise that I have worked on and delivered 78 virtual workshops, meetings and conferences over the last 2 years, 17 of which were 1-3 day events.  It has been a busy few years but the pause and reflection gave me the chance to celebrate all of the different opportunities I have had to work with a broad range of organisations who are focused on making positive change.  It has been wonderful to work with passionate and committed people from across the globe on such important issues such as:  Gender Equity, Disibility Inclusive Programming, Eliminating Neglected Tropic Diseases and Avoidable Blindness.

As a facilitator, allowing time to pause and create a space where silence is comfortable, opens up the opportunity to reflect on your experiences to enable sharing and collaboration.  It is so important to consider the location, room layout, design an agenda that offers informal conversation, 1:1s, small group work and sufficient breaks.  As I open a meeting I like to spend time scene-setting, encouraging all attendees to have a voice, share their perspectives and feel valued.

Not only is time within the meeting important (not over-packing the agenda) but also continuing the reflection and conversation post event.  With experiential learning I personally find that my learning style is a reflective one, I often find that whilst I absorb and engage within the session, I make sense afterwards (often in the early hours of the morning!).  I sort through my learnings, develop my understanding and then start a new day with a clear focus on next steps and how to move forward positively.

For 2023 I am keen to continue working within international public health and development and am actively looking for opportunities where I can use my language skills.  Do get in touch if you are looking for a Spanish Speaking Facilitator to support you with your meetings and workshops!