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This was a really interesting 3 day workshop focusing on “Re-thinking and re-building:  exploring opportunities to transform the civil society sector.”   I programme managed this event for MYT in a more technical capacity on this occasion, without the support of a co-host or technician, working through all of the programme details with the core delivery team from Accountable Now to ensure the event ran smoothly.

The agenda was really interesting, focusing on Inclusion, Powershift and Resilience with the following 75 min workshops:

  • Inclusive youth-led approaches for achieving accountability and impact
  • Feedback & complaints mechanism adaptations
  • Powershift discussion
  • Lost in Translation: Connecting funders to what communities say is important
  • Leadership & Organisational Culture
  • Wellbeing, Accountability & Resilience

The workshops were led by different organisations and involved the use of different whiteboards, polls, break-outs (flexible by topic, large groups, triads and pairs).  You could really see the engagement and atmosphere within the group evolve over the 3 days, culminating in Ame David from the Global Fund for Children’s engaging session on Wellbeing, Accountability & Resilience.  The following “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” was discussed in small break-out groups and really popular with the attendees:

Ame closed by asking us all to stand up and dance to the below popular song.  It felt absolutely brilliant and was a really fun way to end – we have been under Covid-19 restrictions for 9 months now and whilst Zoom dancing is not quite the same, it made me think about how good it feels to dance and connect with people via technology!